Adults 18+

 Together we Grow

Rock Water Martial Arts and Fitness young adults Aikido class is open to anyone who is interested in being a member of a close-knit group that enjoys vigorous aikido training and the occasional social event.  We share a common goal – to enjoy the practice of aikido as part of a dojo that is dedicated to improving the community within which it lives.

When it comes to the practice of aikido, aggressive and competitive attitudes are discouraged.  Osensei, aikido’s founder, described aikido as a way to unite people – not a way of fighting with others.  We aim to uphold the principles of aikido as laid out by the founder.  Training is always conducted in a spirited but safe manner.  You will decide the pace that is right for you (although, Sensei will always be behind you encouraging you to expect more from yourself).  Our members are encouraged to be a productive member of their community.  

As a member dojo of the Canadian Aikido Federation, we utilize the grading requirements laid out by this national organization.  All kyu ranks are registered and awarded by this national body.  Black belt ranks are processed by the CAF while being registered and awarded by the Aikikai Foundation (World Headquarters) in Japan.

(If you have any questions, Please click here to contact Sensei.)