Antoine Marois

Junshidosha ITP, Advanced Brown Belt

My name is Antoine Marois (I get called Twan by my friends and fellow ITPs) and I’m 15 years old. If you want to find me quickly, I’m the only guy with a man bun. I’m a brown belt (3 kyu) and an ITP (junshidosha) .

I’ve been in aikido for just over 3 years and a half now and I am fully bilingual (French and English). I used to practice 4 hours a week on my belt and 4 hours as ITP, which totals to 8 hours a week at the dojo. Now with the pandemic, my practice has been cut in half. I have been at the Big Rock Aikikai dojo 3 times, twice with Martin Sensei to go to the Jim Sensei and Yumi Sensei seminar as well as the special ITP training and once for their overnight camp (which was a blast). I have been at one of Ishiyama Sensei’s seminars at UVic. I’ve attended multiple sleepover seminars hosted by our dojo and as well as a couple summer teen retreats. I like teaching aikido because it uses a different way of teaching than school. It is also very good for your patience sometimes, and you get to make some good friends that aren’t necessarily close to your age.

Now accepting new students! Bilingual (French/English) teachers. Contact Training! COVID protocols followed.
Now accepting new students, all age groups! Bilingual Teachers! Contact Training!