Olivia Jones

Junshidosha ITP, Purple Belt

Olivia started Aikido in 2017, by 2023 she had become a Brown belt in the Junior Teen program and a Junshidosha Candidate level ITP. She volunteers 4-5 hours and practices for 3-4 hours a week. She has attended multiple sleepover seminars and teen retreats (all of which were really fun). In 2019, Olivia was able to attend several classes at the Canadian Aikido Summer Camp with the Technical Director Osawa Shihan, 8th Dan, from Hombu Dojo Japan, in Victoria. In addition, during the winter of 2020 she participated in a weeklong visit of the Big Rock Aikikai dojo in Calgary. “I initially joined Aikido because of the fun learning environment and the great people (and because it looked cool). I quickly learned that Aikido isn’t just a martial art, it is a state of mind and way of life. Aikido not only teaches you how to defend yourself physically, but also about respect and humility. Aikido compliments many different sports. When I practiced badminton I had to be agile, quick on my feet and have a strong sense of direction. Also, when I did fencing I got laser focused on what I was doing in order to adapt to different situations in relation to my opponent. These things are all used in the physical aspect of Aikido.”

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