Sophie Moreau

Joshu ITP, Purple Belt

Hey! My name is Sophie, I’ve been doing aikido for a total of 5 years. I started when I was 9 years old then had to take a break for my competitive dancing. I’m now back at it, and extremely enjoying all the amazing new stuff that’s constantly being implemented. I practice 3 times a week, and have attended the Calgary seminar with Yumi Sensei and Jim Sensei (super fun if you ever get the chance, I met some really cool people there!). 

I’ve found that my extracurricular activities are quite useful in shaping me to be a better ITP student (Instructor Taining Program student). My dancing has given me agility, patience and leadership that are furthermore amplified by my aikido. The types of dance I do are jazz, ballet, tap, contemporary, and previously ‘modern’.

I’ve met quite a few instructors, and I have many more to meet, but the biggest influence I’ve met is Martin Sensei. He is encouraging, and welcomes suggestions from all ages, he is never too busy to lend an ear or help you out, and I believe that he has made me a better role model and all round person.   

Now accepting new students! Bilingual (French/English) teachers. Contact Training! COVID protocols followed.
Now accepting new students, all age groups! Bilingual Teachers! Contact Training!