Our Mission

Rock Water Aikikai is committed to teaching the non-violent, non-competitive Martial Art of Aikido, based on the principals of peaceful conflict resolution. We focus on developing character; leadership; self defense skills; awareness, and empathy; all in a traditional yet joyful environment.

(-Martin Sensei with daughters Ella and Sophie)

Special Introductory Offer!

Sign up now for our special beginner/newcomer package, offering 3 months of classes, a free uniform, Rock Water Aikikai Crest, student handbook, and more. We are back to full contact training and continue to follow government guidelines during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Our class structure features age appropriate Kids self Defense and Adult Self Defense classes in a fun, friendly and cooperative environment. Aikido is also the perfect solution to bullying or lack of confidence, as we learn to deal with bullies in a non-aggressive way.

Meet Your


Antoine Marois

Joshu ITP, Purple Belt

Martin Moreau

Joshu ITP, Purple Belt