Our Mission

Rock Water Aikikai is committed to teaching the non-violent, non-competitive Martial Art of Aikido, based on the principals of peaceful conflict resolution. We focus on developing character; leadership; self defense skills; awareness, and empathy; all in a traditional yet joyful environment.

(-Martin Sensei with Uke Noelle Chang Zhelka)

Kids and Adult Self Defense, with a difference!

We are currently accepting students from ages 6 to 25! We offer full contact training and continue to follow government guidelines.

Our class structure features age appropriate Self Defense classes in a fun, friendly and cooperative environment. Aikido is also the perfect solution to bullying, or for increasing self-confidence, as we teach students how to neutralize aggression without violence.

Meet Your


Antoine Marois

Joshu ITP, Purple Belt

Martin Moreau

Joshu ITP, Purple Belt