Here you will find information about the various age group classes we offer.  At Rock Water Martial Arts and Fitness, we serve almost all age groups, from 5 years old and up!

We also offer many supplemental programs and events to enhance the community and training experience at Rock Water Martial Arts and Fitness.  At Rock Water, we are more than just a place to learn self defense, or get a workout. We foster a sense of community, belonging, leadership, diversity and friendships.

Our Aikido classes at Rock Water Aikikai are designed in carefully thought out, age-appropriate groups to optimize learning, fun and community between students. This system also lends itself very well to our mentoring system, called the Instructor Training Program (ITP). Students who have an interest in leadership can join the ITP program and learn to become instructors themselves at whatever level interests them, from a simple mentor, all the way up to high level instructor. Each year the students participating in Rock Water Aikikai`s Instructor Training Program gather for a special FREE reward event – this fun-filled event rewards the students for all their volunteer work and instruction at the dojo, while on the road to becoming leaders. 

We host seminars and events for all ages, sometimes bringing together aikido students from across the city, out of province, and even out of country.  We have many ways in which we recognize and reward our students for their hard work and dedication. We use a colour belt system with stripes to help our students visualize and achieve step by step goals. We award regular certificates for classes attended, and years of training, among others. For example, our 1000 Hour Club celebrates the dedication of students who have trained in over 1000 classes, by offering them a cake ceremony at the dojo, and then bringing them together for a special reward event each year. All students get a certificate of recognition for every 50 hours of classes completed. We offer reward events for other categories also. Reward events may include an afternoon at the movies, laser tag, bowling, rock climbing, WildPlay, or dinner out.

For the safety of our students, all adult instructors go through a Police background security check, and complete an Emergency First Aid and CPR Level C (Blended) Certification. 

Why Is Aikido Ideal for Young People?