Below you will find information about all the classes we offer.  It’s important to mention though, many supplemental programs enhance Rock Water Aikikai’s classes.  We host training camps for all ages bringing together aikido students from across the city.  Our 1000 Hour Club celebrates the dedication of students by bringing them together for a special event each year – previous events include an afternoon at the movies, laser tag and paint ball.  Each year the students participating in Rock Water Aikikai`s Instructor Training Program gather for a special FREE reward event – this fun-filled event rewards the students for all their volunteer work and instruction while on the road to becoming instructors. 

Rock Water Aikikai instructors are volunteers – They are not paid to teach.  Instructors give their time and effort out of a passion for aikido and a desire to share their knowledge with those interested in learning.  For the safety of our students, all adult instructors go through a Police background security check.  Ultimately, Rock Water Aikikai is about building a family of aikido students who respect and appreciate the community in which they live by giving back.

Why Is Aikido Ideal for Young People?

Now accepting new students! Bilingual (French/English) teachers. Contact Training!
Now accepting new students, all age groups! Bilingual Teachers! Contact Training!