Child (5-7yrs)

Discipline & Fun

Rock Water Martial Arts and Fitness’ CHILD Aikido class is the perfect place to introduce your young one to a kids martial art, because of our balance between discipline and fun.  Students are expected to behave politely and show consideration for others – good, solid social skills are very important to us.  All students are encouraged to give 100% effort in every class.  It’s not so important who is fastest or strongest. What is important is everyone should be putting in all of their effort.  This is how we guide kids to reach their potential. 

Activities are designed around building coordination, strength and having fun – healthy kids are active kids.  Our intention is not to teach kids to become fighters but rather help kids to be respectful human beings with strong character, and self-defense skills.  Students set regular goals by the use of a colored belt ranking system, and stripes.  The Rock Water Aikido system utilizes the following belts: yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, brown, advanced brown, junior black, intermediate black, advanced black.  Each colored belt rank comes with an increasingly challenging set of requirements and an increased number of required classes.  (Applicants under the age of 5 are considered on a case by case basis.  Please contact Sensei with questions.)