All participants new to Rock Water Martial Arts and Fitness join with a 2-month intro package, which includes: 2 months unlimited training in your age group; a club uniform; club patch; insurance coverage; provincial, national and international Aikido affiliations, and more.  

After the 2-month intro period expires, you continue on a convenient recurring monthly payment plan.  This can be cancelled at any time with 1 full calendar month’s notice. 

IMPORTANT:  New students start at the beginning of the NEXT month after you register.  For example, if you register any day in August you would commence your classes at the beginning of September.  And then your first recurring monthly renewal payment, would start November 1st in this example. 

NOTE: If you are already an experienced Aikido practitioner wanting other registration/training options, such as monthly, or drop-in, please contact the chief instructor


Fee Structure

Participants Adult 18+:
$299 for 2-month intro package (then, only $100 a month).


Participants aged 5-17:
$249 for 2-month intro package (then, only $80 a month).


Family Discount:
Once the initial 2-month Intro period is over, Families will get an additional family member discount.  First family member pays regular rate (highest rate), each additional family member receives 20% discount!


Adult 18+ Full Time Student Discount:
30% off for adult students who are enrolled full time at college or university.

PLEASE READ BEFORE REGISTERING: Click the “add to registration” button for each age category you wish to register someone in. Then, click the Register button to complete payment and registration. (Multiple people in the same age group can be added AFTER you click through to the registration and payment page.)

New Participant Intro, Adults 18+

Adult program

New Participant Intro, Ages 5-17

Child, Youth, Junior Teen, Senior Teen Programs