Noelle Chang Zhelka

Junshidosha ITP, Advanced Brown

I initially started aikido because my parents wanted me to be able to defend myself as I grew up. Since I first stepped into the dojo that day, I’ve found my second home of 7 years.  Although the teachings and training were amazing, it was the spirit, camaraderie and incredible new friends that made me want to stay.  I have made some of my closest friends at aikido and am excited to keep growing with them. 

I now have my advanced brown belt and train 4 hrs a week and teach another 4 hrs to junior students, as I work towards my junior black belt.  I attend as many seminars and retreats offered in Victoria as I can, and have also attended multiple aikido camps in Calgary.

During the week, I am active in a number of activities. I am a member of Island Ukuleles and have been playing with them for 5 years, performing all over North America. As well, I fence and have competed in the Canada Cup.  I am also a member of the group Halt to Poverty where I have fundraised for the homeless and educated younger students on issues of poverty. My busy schedule has taught me to be self-disciplined and focused.

I am excited about our new dojo and look forward to growing Rock Water Aikikai.

Now accepting new students! Bilingual (French/English) teachers. Contact Training! COVID protocols followed.
Now accepting new students, all age groups! Bilingual Teachers! Contact Training!