Ella Moreau

Seishidosha, 1st Kyu, Intermediate Black Belt

Hey, my name is Ella and I’ve been training since 2013. I have achieved intermediate black belt in the under-18 program and the rank of 1st kyu in the CAF adult program. I am currently ITP Senpai in my dojo, meaning that I am the most senior instructor in the ‘Instructor Training Program’, a program I have been in since 2017. I speak fluent French and English, and hope to learn Japanese in the near future! Many ask, “What is it about Aikido that you Love?” The adrenaline rush, the exhilarating and dynamic nature, and the welcoming atmosphere that makes it a delightful experience to forge new friendships.

Growing up, I always aspired to be a teacher, and my journey as an ITP student in aikido played a crucial role in developing my confidence and sharpening my teaching and leadership skills. Beyond my studies, I enjoy playing sports as a hobby. Aikido, which focuses on attention, agility and learning to fall safely, has remarkably improved my ability to commit to these activities seamlessly. Despite the difficulties encountered when I was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome eight years ago, which temporarily paralyzed my legs, I found comfort in aikido’s ability to adapt. During my recovery, Sensei supported me by allowing me to resume practice at my own pace. Not only did this martial art help to restore the strength in my legs, it also contributed to my personal development, giving me the boost of confidence to achieve goals I once considered impossible. I have a deep love for aikido, recognizing what a truly transformative force it has been in making me a better person.