Ella Moreau

Junshidosha ITP, Junior Black Belt

Hi, my name is Ella Moreau and I’ve been doing aikido for just over seven years.  I have reached the level of Junior Black Belt (2nd kyu).   I am currently the ITP Sempai in my dojo (Senior Instructor Training Program teacher), and have been teaching as an ITP for 3 years.  I am fully bilingual in French and English and I hope to learn Japanese soon.  A lot of people ask me “what is it about aikido that you love?”  It gets your blood pumping, it’s super fun and energetic, and in our dojo it’s really easy to make friends.

I have always wanted to be a school teacher when I grow up and being an ITP student in aikido has helped me feel comfortable developing my teaching/leadership skills.  As a hobby I love to play basketball and ride my new mountain bike.  Aikido has made it easier for me to do these activities because they require focus, agility and the knowledge of how to fall.  

It doesn’t matter if you have a low physical ability, because anything and everything can be adapted.  The reason I am mentioning this is because five years ago, I was diagnosed with Guillaine-Barre syndrome that attacked my nervous system.  It mostly affected my legs and paralyzed me for a few months.  I was unable to practice aikido during those months but afterwards, when I returned, I was able to practice with at my own pace.  Sensei allowed me to use adaptations and I had just as much fun as I did before the syndrome paralyzed me.  

I love aikido; it has helped me regain strength in my legs and has made me a better person.  It has given me the confidence to do things that I would not have thought possible!

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