I am so happy that we found Rock Water Martial Arts and Fitness for my 6 years old son. He has never done Aikido before, but even the first day when he had a try-out, he really enjoyed it and wanted to come back. We really appreciate the calmness of the class with fun activities, our son learns not only physical skills but practices virtues and ethics which is so beneficial I wish I could attend. I can feel Martin Sensei’s passion for Aikido and he has great assistant teachers that my son enjoys learning from. I am so fortunate to find this place, attending a class twice a week is not enough!  Thank you again for all your hard work, Martin Sensei! 


I’ve never seen him so enthusiastic about an activity ever. He’s found his “thing” and loves sharing what he’s learning and is so motivated to keep practising.  What (Rock Water Martial Arts and Fitness) is offering is world class. 

Christi Kowalewski

My 2 boys joined the dojo after an intro class. One was hesitant to join, he’s very athletic but also bulky in build so often shy’s away from new physical activities. Since joining 2 months ago his self-confidence and body issues have already started to improve. I also really appreciate the language diversity – as a French Canadian married to a Japanese Canadian – our children have a space that sounds like home.

Carolynne Clark

My daughter has just told me that she finally found her “thing”. Being with Rock Water Martial Arts and Fitness has instilled so much confidence, self discipline and self awareness in my daughters character. She brings home the weekly virtues, putting them into daily practice. She looks forward to every class working toward the next attainable goal, the next stripe on her belt. She speaks so highly of the kind, warm and patient teachers and how comfortable and at home she feels when she goes to Aikido. We can’t say enough about how much this program is enriching my daughter’s life. 

Alyssa Jean Klazek

My 15 year old daughter had tried several different sports and activities in the past but couldn’t seem to find the ‘right’ fit until 3 years ago when she started Aikido.  Aikido provides her with physical activity, leadership opportunities, a friendship group and sense of community. During COVID it was the one activity she missed most and was happy to know that Rock Water Martial Arts and Fitness acknowledged  this sentiment in their students and quickly adapted to help maintain mental health by offering classes outdoors and following health and safety guidelines. The instruction is about respect, focus and determination but also offers many opportunities to engage and have fun in a non-competitive manner. Student agency is fostered and honored. Rock water Aikikai offers a wonderful holistic Aikido experience for their community.


Martin Sensei has an amazing knowledge of Aikido but more than that, he is patient and absolutely wonderful with the kids! Both my 6 year old daughter and 9 year old son are loving working with Martin and I very much recommend joining Rock Water Martial Arts and Fitness ltd!

Paul Moquin

Our family loves martial arts! We did Kung Fu for a number of years and I was therefore very skeptical about Aikido because its so different than the typical martial art class but that was before I met Martin Moreau and witnessed his quality as an instructor. He’s very engaging, the kids are clearly having a good time, are breaking a sweat almost every class and I’ve noticed a clear improvement in my kids ability to defend themselves when we play wrestle.

Martin is a one of those rare instructors that inspires respect and loyalty in his students. He’s humble, listens to the feedback provided to him by the kids and the parents. Simply put, he’s amazing!

Samuel Goulet

My daughter has been practicing Aikido for 7 years (since age 9).  We had her join to learn self-defence and in doing so, she also learned self-discipline and hard work – all while having loads of fun.  She has also made special bonds with kids of all ages and considers her aikido family her second home.  She’s now close to reaching her junior black belt and her sense of accomplishment, pride and excitement is incredible to watch.

Monica Chang

Our 10-year-old daughter joined Martin Sensei’s classes last year and immediately soaked up his professionalism and commitment to Aikido.  She has taken up the warrior ethic to give herself new confidence, and practices on her own during these challenging times. Thank you Martin Sensei

Mark Seebaran

Mes enfants de 15, 13, 10 et 6 ans font tous de l’aïkido. Pour la première fois, ils ont trouvé un sport dont l’intérêt et la motivation perdurent. Chez-nous, l’aïkido est devenu une seconde famille, une façon de vivre et de voir la vie. Grâce à Martin Sensei, mes enfants ont développé une confiance en eux, davantage d’autonomie, un plus grand sens des responsabilités et des qualités de bon leader. Il est un excellent modèle pour mes enfants. Martin Sensei accorde une importance particulière à chaque enfant, leur permettant d’atteindre leur plein potentiel. Il est patient, calme, compréhensif et encourage toujours les jeunes de façon positive. Ceci amène un sentiment de fierté et d’accomplissement chez mes enfants. Martin Sensei est disponible, à l’écoute des jeunes et accepte les échanges d’idées avec eux. Il est ouvert à eux et il est clair qu’un grand respect mutuel s’est installé. De plus, notre famille étant francophone, il a été beaucoup plus facile pour mes enfants de s’intégrer et de participer, puisque Sensei communique et enseigne aussi bien en français qu’en anglais. Plusieurs activités, entre les jeunes du dojo ou même avec ceux de d’autres dojos, complémentent les cours d’aïkido dont des séminaires, des sleepovers, des batailles d’eau et des retreats. Ces activités amènent un sentiment d’appartenance au groupe et une camaraderie entre les jeunes.  Je recommande fortement Rock Water Martial Arts and Fitness et Martin Sensei si vous pensez inscrire votre enfant à un sport dans les arts martiaux. Du plaisir garanti!

Christine Desbiens

Martin is very committed to training his young students. He gave a lot of his personal time keeping classes going during COVID. My daughter progressed successfully to her next belt level despite the closure of her indoor dojo for several months.

Carol Anne Owen

My daughter has been involved in a number of sports over the years but none that she would stay with for any length of time. She always seemed to be looking for her “place” and thankfully that place is with Rock Water Martial Arts and Fitness learning the martial art of Aikido. My daughter looks forward to each and every practice and I have seen the positive benefits of the training in her demeanor. Thank you!

Betsy Dunphy

“I am the mother of three daughters. All three of my girls have been involved in Aikido over the last 20 years. When the girls started training Aikido we noticed with each of them that they had an improvement in their grades and their focused attention span. The instruction has been very valuable to our family and our children. The instruction focuses on respect for one another, discipline, self-esteem, character building and of course there is lots of fun.”

Teri D

My son has been doing Aikido training for 5 years now. We started training with Sensei Martin 3 years ago and we are very pleased. Sensei Martin is calm, respectful, measured and patient. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor of young children. Even the most challenging behaviours are addressed in a way that makes the children feel connected and seen. The dojo is organized and all tests and training is accounted for so your children never have to question how far along they are toward their next belt. The one on one training that happens in every class is so valuable to the children’s progression, I have never seen this in another dojo. The dojo and the Sensei and the ITP students are constantly looking at ways to grow and improve and love to hear ideas from the attendees. The cost for this training is extremely reasonable. My son was recently invited to participate in the ITP program and he couldn’t be more excited and proud for this opportunity. I would highly recommend this dojo, Sensei Martin and the ITP program to any parent interested in finding a martial arts program for their child.

Anastasi A.