Youth (8-10yrs)

Engaging & Challenging

Got a child in this age group?  You need a class that is fast-paced and engaging.  That’s what you’ll find at Rock Water Aikikai.  Our youth class inspires students to push the limits of their potential.  We foster the idea that kids need to be continually challenging themselves in order to grow.  Parallel with this encouragement is our belief that kids shouldn’t be measured in relation to other kids.  Each child’s growth is a personal, individual journey.  Courteous, respectful behavior is encouraged at all times.  We understand that kids don’t always get along and that’s okay.  What’s important is that kids learn how to behave respectfully toward everyone.  Activities are designed around improving physical conditioning, strengthening concentration, building a solid foundation of self-defense skills and having fun.  Our goal is to nurture self-confidence helping students become resilient to bullying.  Strong self-defense skills continue to grow as we build on these class by class.  Students set regular goals by the use of a colored belt ranking system.  The Rock Water Aikikai system utilizes the following belts: yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, brown, advanced brown, junior black, intermediate black, advanced black.  Each colored belt rank comes with an increasingly challenging set of requirements and an increased number of required classes.

Now accepting new students! Bilingual (French/English) teachers. Contact Training!
Now accepting new students, all age groups! Bilingual Teachers! Contact Training!